1) His holy light keeps a special position amongst the Holy Luminaries

2) Apart from being inheritor of Holy Imams, He is also related to Emperor of Rome and Sham’oon (Simon), the successor of Jesus, son of Mary [Prophet Isa (a.s)]

3) On His (a.s)’s birth, the Holy Spirit (Angel Jibraeel) took Him (a.s) to the skies and He (a.s) was trained in the holy atmosphere

4) A special house named Baitul Hamd is for Him, where a lamp is lighted since His birth, it’ll glow till His (a.s)’s reappearance

5) He has been honoured with the name & title of Noble Messenger (s.a.w.w) as ‘Mohammad’ and ‘Abul Qasim’

6) During the period of occultation (Ghaibat) to remember Him with the name ‘Mohammad’ is not permitted

7) The era of successors have culminated (ended) and He is the Ultimate Successor

8) He had been honoured with occultation from the very first day and stayed under the trust of appointed angels

9) He didn’t have to deal with the deniers & idolaters

10) He didn’t have to stay under the rule of any ruler or oppressor

11) On His back is the seal of Imamate like the seal of Prophethood of the Noble Messenger (s.a.w.w)

12) He has been addressed in the Book of Heavens with His titles & not with His name

13) Innumerable signs have been mentioned regarding His reappearance

14) The declaration of His reappearance will be through a call from the heavens

15) During His rule, the ages & years will be different from normal conditions and movement of sky will slow down

16) He will appear with the Tablets of Amir ul-Momineen, Imam Ali (a.s) [Mus’hafe Ali (a.s)]

17) There will be continuous shade of a white cloud on His (a.s)’s head

18) His (a.s)’s army will consist of Angels and Genie too

19) His health will not be affected by the ageing years

20) In His (a.s)’s era, fear and hatred between animals and humans will end

21) Many people that have died, will come to life and join Him under His rule

22) The earth will emit all its treasures after His reappearance

23) Production and greenery will be abundant as if it’s a different land altogether

24) By His blessings, the understanding of people will reach to excellence

25) His (a.s)’s companions will possess supernatural power of hearing & seeing. They will hear from 4 farsakh *about 22 kms*

26) His companions & helpers will be free from illness and they will have long lives

27) His helpers will be given strength equal to 40 men

28) By the grace of His light, people will no more need the sun or the moonlight

Source: ‘Nukushe Ismat’ by Marhoom Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawwadi (a.r)