01) Falling of the wall of Masjid-e-Kufa

02) Flowing of a stream from Furaat in the streets of Kufa

03) Flourishing of the city of Kufa, after its destruction

04) The flow of water in the river of Najaf

05) Starting of a stream flowing from Furaat towards Najaf

06) The appearance of a tailed star near the constellation of Aries

07) Extreme famines will occur in the world

08) Earthquakes & epidemics spreading in most of the cities

09) Frequent killings & murders

10) Decorating of Holy Qur’an with jewellery

11) Golden decorations in Masjids and the towering minarets

12) Destruction of Masjid-e-Barasa

13) Lighting up of a fire in the East, which will be there for 3 or 7 days

14) Spreading of red light all over the sky

15) Looting & killings all over Kufa

16) Black flags flying from Khorasan

17) Arabs will become independent & free

18) Rising of an organization of people with their faces converted to apes & pigs

19) Heavy rains in the months of Jamadi-us-Sani and Rajab

20) Non-Arab rulers will become scandalous

21) Rising of a star from East, whose glow will be like Moon, but it will be slant-shaped on both sides

22) Spreading of oppression & calamities

23) An increase of immoral deeds & fornication/adultery

24) People will make prayers lifeless

25) Deposits will be wasted

26) Lies will be made permissible

27) People will eat interest money & accept bribes

28) People will construct very strong buildings

29) Women will be made advisors

30) People will sell religion for the world

31) They will utilise the services of foolish persons

32) People will cut relations from their near ones & will obey desires

33) Blood will be made cheap

34) Patience will be considered as an evidence of weakness

35) Oppression will be a reason to be proud for

36) The rich will be impious

37) Ministers will be unjust

38) Intellectuals will be imposters

39) Guests will be immoral

40) False witnesses will be in demand

41) Women will be included in business for worldly greed

42) Promises will be broken

43) Villains will be leaders of the community

44) The impious will be feared for their mischief

45) The business of music & dance will be common

46) Liars will be testified

47) Imposters will be made trustees

48) Men will imitate women & women will be like men

49) Worst person of the community will curse the best one

50) People will give false witnesses without understanding truth

51) Worldly deeds will be preferred over Hereafter

52) Religious knowledge will be learnt for irreligious practices

53) Hearts will be like wolves, clothes like sheep

54) Hearts will smell like a corpse & become bitter

55) The best place to stay will be Baitul Muqaddas at that time, as people will aspire that – Alas! Our destination was there!

Source: ‘Nukushe Ismat’ by Marhoom Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawwadi (a.r)

Note: We should wait for the early reappearance of Imam (a.s) and not await the signs of His reappearance. The signs are dependent on Imam (a.s), the Imam (a.s) is not mohtaaj of the signs to reappear. Our motto should be to prepare ourselves to be among the servants and followers of the Imam (a.s).
May Allah grant us taufiq to be among the companions of Imam-e-Zamana (may Allah hasten His reappearance!)