Every Friday you would receive seventy times more bounties than in the previous week!” Therefore, Allah has said in the Holy Book, “We have more bounties and miracles.” Friday is the day of enhancement of the bounties. The eve of Friday is very illuminating and the day is very bright. The momins must keep themselves busy in prayer on the eve and the day of Friday. They must repeatedly utter the words Subhan Allah, Allaho Akbar, Laa Ilaha Illallah. They should also recite Alhamdulillah on the rosary and recite the Durood Shareef as much as they can.

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w) said, “A person who says the benediction (Salawat) a hundred times after the Friday prayer, Allah will fulfill his sixty wishes— thirty in this life and thirty in the Hereafter.”

Hazrat Ali (a.s) has said, “If one wants to supplicate to Allah, three timings are the most suitable:

1. On Fridays before the congregational sermon is delivered.

2. At the time of sunset.

3. Before sunrise (every day).

Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (a.s) says that on the eve of Friday the angels descend from the firmament and their number is equivalent to the particles in the atmosphere or the ants on the earth.These angels will have golden pens and tablets in their hands. They will not record the actions of the persons who were not attended by the benediction to the Prophet till Saturday of the week. It is therefore advised that on the eve and the day of Friday, the benediction is repeatedly uttered. The Imam (a.s) also said that it was the Prophet (a.s)’s exhortation (Sunnat-e-Muwakkidah) that one should repeat the benediction a thousand times on Fridays and a hundred times on the week days.

Imam Reza (a.s) has said, “If a person doesn’t have the means to pay expiation (Kaffarah) for his sins, he should utter benediction to the Prophet and his Ahlebayt (a.s) that it will reduce the burden of his sins. A person who says the benediction when he gets a sneeze, will never suffer from any ailment of the eyes or the teeth.

Allah (s.w.t) says, “O My angels! Don’t allow his prayers to reach the sky. Till he includes the Ahl al Bayt in his benediction for the Prophet (a.s).

Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (a.s) has said, “A person who says the benediction a hundred times, his wishes will definitely be fulfilled!

Maalik Jehni narrates that he presented a flower to Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (a.s). The Imam (a.s) took it, smelled it, touched it to his eyes and said, “When a person smells a flower, touches it with his eyes and says benediction to Mohammed (a.s) and his Ahlebayt (asws), before the flower leaves his hands, his deliverance would have been granted!

At another place the Prophet (a.s) has said, “The most miserly and evil is the person who has not uttered my benediction when my name is mentioned to him.” Then the Prophet (a.s) added, “One who forgets to send benediction for me has forgotten the way to the Heaven.

Source: Extract from the book Ain al-Hayat by Allama Mohammad Baqir Majlisi (a.r)

May Allah grant us taufiq to recite maximum Salawats on the Prophet (saww) and His Pure Ahlebayt (asws). May Allah forgive us all and count us among the servants and followers of Imam Al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s). Ameen!