The Prophet of Allah (saww), being in the know of the hidden things said that after him there will be people who will adopt stealth and deceit and involve others in hypocrisy and waywardness. Therefore the Prophet (a.s) said, “People who adopt that garb are the accursed. Don’t be misled by their deception!

This is also one of the miracles of the Prophet that he had forecast the doings of the group before it appeared on the scene and condemned it. One who denies the fact of the group of Sufia being wayward will deserve the curse of Allah and his Prophet (a.s). It is not only the wearing of the blanket that is a curse for them, but the main cause is their interference with the Shariah. They adopt the ways of infidels and heretics (Zanadeeq) and abandon the Shariah. With their innovations, they divert the people from the right path.

There are several other traditions that condemn the group of Sufia. The Shia scholars have always condemned the Sufi cult. Some have even written treatises on the condemnation of these sects. For example, Ali bin Babawiyah, whose letters on the matters of Shariah used to reach Hazrat Saheb al-Asr, Imam Mahdi (atfs) and he used to receive prompt replies too. Also his son, Mohammed bin Ali bin Babawiyah, who is the doyen of Shia traditionists, has received the commendation of Janab Saheb al-Asr (a.s). He has written a voluminous book reproving the Sufi cult.

Sheikh Toosi, Mulla Hilli and Sheikh Shaheed too have written books in condemnation of the cult. Sheikh Ali has written a book, Mataan Mujramiah, condemning the Sufi cult. His son Hassan too wrote his book, Umdat al Miqaal, on the same subject. Jaffar bin Mohammed Dooresti in his book, Aeteqaad, has convincingly dealt with the Sufi cult. Ibne Hamza and Sayed Murtada Raazi too have written extensively on the subject. Maulana Ahmed Ardbeel has condemned the sect very convincingly in his writings.

Friends! Why do you rate this sect well? This, despite the Prophet (saww) and the Ahlebayt (asws) having condemned them in very clear terms. Will you claim that you are a follower of Hassan Basri? He was a person who has been the butt of many an authentic tradition! Or you will term yourself the follower of Sufian Suri who was a mortal enemy of Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s). Or will you toe the line of Ghazali who was an outright Nasibi. He writes in his book that the way in which Ali Murtada (a.s) is an Imam, he too is one in his own right! He writes that whoever curses Yazid is a sinner. He has written several books against the Shias in the genre of ‘Al Mutaqaddameen az Zalaal. Or will you project his brother, Ahmed Ghazali, as proof that he believes the accursed Satan is amongst the chiefs of the pious (the aulia)! Or will you adopt Maulana Rumi as your intercessor that he says Hazrat Ameer al Momineen (a.s) will intercede on behalf of the accursed Ibn e Muljim and guide him into the Heaven? He says that Ibne Muljim has not committed any sin and that what he had done what was the destiny, Nauzobillah!

There is no page of the Musnavi of Rumi on which he has not written about the futility of prayer and the depraved beliefs. His followers believe that hearing to tambourine, harmonica and fiddle is a type of prayer.

Will you make Mohiuddin Arabi your symbol that who has given pride of place to meaningless beliefs in his book. He says that the saints (Aulia) are a group of people to whom the Rafizis look like pigs. He also says that when he went for the Meraj he found that the status of Ali (a.s) on the Firmament was lesser than that of Usman, Umar, and Abu Bakr! He says that when he came back, he told to Imam Ali (a.s) that he claimed in the world that he was better than the other three then how is it that his status in the Firmament was lesser than the three of them!

It is narrated from Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) that the sign of an imposter is that he will give you news about the firmament, the east, and the west lucidly. But when asked about the legitimate (Halal) and taboo (Haram) he will draw a blank! He claims that he has understood the intricacies of Wahdat al-Wajood (the Unity of God) that other erudite scholars have not been able to! But he has not understood a simple fact that has been explained to him umpteen times. These people say that Kashf (manifestation) and Kufr (infidelity) are not antithetical and can be always clubbed together! They believe that there have been practitioners of Kashf amongst the non-believers in India. Suppose their Kashf is a reality and not a hypocrisy, then what superiority they have achieved by adopting it! They have remained infidels and shall be infidels till the Day of Reckoning!

Imam Mohammed Baqir (a.s) has said: “O Hassan Basri! Whether you go the the East or to the West, you will not acquire any knowledge! The only source of knowledge are we, the Ahlebayt (asws)!” Remember, this Hassan Basri is the same person who is the chief of the Sufis. The Sufis associate themselves with him very ardently. They mostly quote from him. They narrate that one big Sheikh was Ibad Basri. He used to ridicule Imam Zain al-Abedeen (a.s) and used to criticize him in the matter of Jehad.

Some Sunni Sufis say the face of Allah is like a simple youth. Some others say that He is like an old man with flowing silvery beard. Some others say that Allah has a huge body and is sitting in the firmament. Some Sufis believe in the transmigration or penetration of God into human bodies. Because of this belief Allah has termed the Christians unbelievers (Kuffar) in the Quran and Has cursed them.

There is another sect of the Sufis that is worst than the believers of transmigration. They believe in the Unity of Allah. They believe that Allah is everything and everywhere. He can come in different forms and shapes. Sometimes he is Zaid, at others he is Amr, sometimes He assumes the shape of a cat or a dog or anything else. Some Hindus too have a similar belief. The book of Brahmins, Jog, is on the same subject. The Sufis value this book very much. They think that this book is better than the theological works of the Shias. Even some Shias think that the Sufis are right. In their ignorance, they are accepting these beliefs and rendering themselves unbelievers (Kafirs). Only those who remain steadfast in following the Ahlebayt (asws) are on the Right Path.

Source: Book Ain al-Hayat by Allamah Mohammad Baqir Majlisi (a.r.)

May Allah grant us taufiq to follow the path of the Ahlebayt (as) and to keep aloof from their enemies.

Allahumma Ajjil Le Waliekal Faraj!