Abu Abdullah (as) was asked about the clear resoluteness that is seen in the manners of the believers, he answered:

This is because of the existence of the glory of the Quran in the believers’ hearts and the existence of the purity of faith in their chests. They worship Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He, obey Him, and believe the Messenger of Allah.

They asked: “What about the stinginess that is noticed in the believers’ manners?

He (a) answered: “This is because the believers seek only legal earnings. To seek legal earnings is something very hard; therefore, the believers dislike to forsake the things that they exerted all efforts painstakingly to obtain. When they are generous, they spend so properly.”

They asked: “What are the characters of the believers?

He (a) answered: “The believers sleep like the drowned, eat like the ailed, weep like the mother that is bereaved of her child, and sit like the one against whom people are rallied.”

They asked: “Why are the believers more importunate than others are in the question of marriage?”

He (a) answered: “This is because the believers restrain their carnal desires and do not violate the others’ honors. Besides, they do so in order that their sexual drives will not lead them astray. If a believer gains the legal, he satisfies himself with it and dispends with anything else.”

Imam as-Sadiq (a) also said: “Only the believers enjoy three characters altogether: the knowledge of Allah, knowledge of those whom they like, and knowledge of those whom they dislike.

He (a) also said: “A believer’s power lies in his heart; therefore, he stays up at nights (for worship) and observes fasting during days while his body is weak and thin.”

He (a) also said: “With regard to his religion, the believer is firmer than the unshakable mountains. One can take from the unshakable mountains, while no one can take anything from the beliefs of the believers, for they are so observant and abiding by his religion.”

Source: Ilal ush-Sharaayi, 2:557, H.1, Bihar ul-Anwar; 76:299 H.24

May Allah grant us taufiq to follow the footsteps of our Holy Aimma (asws). May Allah forgive us all.

Allahumma Ajjil Le Waliekal Faraj!