I (Sayyid Murtadha al-Askari) remember something that happened on my first trip to Mecca. When we were returning to Iraq, we were traveling by a car. Our caravan stopped in a place near Medina for 24 hours. There was a well at this halting-place and the pilgrims went towards it to draw water for drinking and for the cars. It was about dusk when the convoy wished to move on. I saw a young stranger amongst the pilgrims in our caravan who was yelling with great force and vehemence, speaking and saying things that had created a clamour among the Shiite pilgrims. I went closer. When he saw that I was getting closer he said: ”Haza Motawwe Ohum” “This is their scholar, if I get my hands on him I’ll cut off his head and lick up his blood”

I knew that this was no place for a debate so I stood still and watched. In his words he said that these men are polytheists, they are infidels. Then he mocked our crying in a form of ridicule placing his hand on his forehead and pretending to cry!! One of the Shi’ite pilgrims stepped forward and said: We are Muslims, we are not polytheists. Why should we be polytheists when we performed the Hajj of God’s house, visited the tomb of the Prophet, visited the tomb of Ali…..

When the Shi’ite said that, the young man said: You have become a polytheist! Your execution has become necessary. Even if the father of Abu Saud (the King of Hejaz at that time) should come he will not help you! You have become one necessary to be executed! “There is no other inflicter of harm or giver of benefit than God”, the Shiite pilgrim said to the man as he shook. The young man then began to say this, (which is the essential point of this story). (Who is Muhammad, he is a man like me!!)

We see to what extent the Ahadiths in the books of the Caliphate school have lowered the worth and esteem of the Prophet (saww) when one person who calls himself a Muslims, says: The Prophet is a man like me. After these words, our driver who was a native of Caucasia and a Shiite, stepped forward and asked him: Is Muhammad a man just like you? The young Wahabi said: Yes, he is a man like me, he’s dead! This question and answer was repeated three times. The Shiite driver then said: The Quran was revealed to Muhammad, is the Quran also revealed to you?

There are Ahadiths in the Caliphate school which set out to prove that – God forbid! – The Prophet (saww) was (Nauzobillah!) fond of pleasure and mirth, music and singing, was very forgetful, and his followers were more bound to modesty, morals piety etc.

The Quran however says:

“You possess a very superior character”.

“We have not revealed the Quran to you that you may be unsuccessful”.

A group however, who believe in these Ahadiths and think they are factual will have different religious beliefs about the Prophets character and identity. In their religious beliefs and thoughts, is the Prophet higher in esteem or is Abu Bakr? Abu Bakr who hates musical instruments seeing them as Satans voice and doesn’t want them to be played in the Prophets’ presence while, the Prophet himself has no objection!

In this religious way of thought and belief, is the Prophet better or is Umar? Umar, from whom the jinn and human beings fled, while when they were in the Prophets presence not only did they not flee, they danced and sang. Nauzobillah!

By Allah, how strange, painful and tormenting! Tears should be shed over this, because this deed was a three headed arrow shot at the heart of Islam. No person was injured and no blood spilled, but they killed the spirit, way of thought and peace that hundreds died to preserve!?

This is what we meant by an arrow with three heads or three targets:

1- Destroying the credibility and superior identity of the Prophet (saww).

2- To promote the powerful and leaders after him to a higher stature.

3- The destruction of Islam in belief and action.

Source: As narrated by Allamah Sayyid Murtadha al-Askari in his book – The Role of Holy Imams (asws) in the Revival of Religion, vol 1