A man known Abu Ayman once came to Imam al-Baqir (as) saying,

O Abu Ja`afar, you mislead people by saying, ‘Muhammad (saww)’s intercession [will help you], Muhammad (saww)’s intercession!

At this, the Holy Imam (as) got so angry that his face was glowering, and said, ‘Woe betide you Abu Ayman! If your belly and your private parts keep you away from sin, does that mean they delude you? You would only have to see the atrocities of the Day of Resurrection to need Muhammad (SAWA)’s intercession. Woe unto you! In any case, do you think that he will only intercede for those whose punishment in the Fire is obligatory?!’

Then he continued, saying, ‘Every single person, from the first to the last, will need the intercession of Muhammad (SAWA) on the Day of Resurrection.

Source: Bihar Al-Anwar, V. 8

May Allah grant us taufiq to do good and be inclined to the path of Ahlebayt (asws) so that we can seek their intercession in the hereafter. Ameen!