In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Even if you pore over the entire universe, you will not find a friend like Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) because:

You may not remember him but he always remember you

You may desert him but he never forsakes you

You may oppress him a lot, but he never stops granting favours

You may not pray for him but he keeps seeking goodness for you from Allah

You may avoid him but he is always attentive towards you

You may continue being a cause of anguish for him but he staves-off your angst

You may not be a reason for him to hold his head high but he becomes the medium of bringing honour and distinction to you

You may be negligent towards his state, but he’s never negligent of your affairs

Although you may not recognize his entity and presence but he’s always at hand to help you regardless of where you are

If you avoid contacting him he gives the message of getting together

Although you may not defend him he will never leave you undefended

You may have broken his heart thousands of time but still, you will always find him ready to accept your apologies

You may repeatedly break the promises that you’ve made to him, but he never blocks the road that leads up to him

You may not be fond of him but he does like you. You may not be any good for him but he’s the most trustworthy keeper of your secrets

You may not be of any help to him but he will always back and support you

If you’ve done a small service for him, he will not hold back on showering his entire kindness and generosity over you

You may not have guarded his honour but still he shield and protect you

If you have not given him his due share from your wealth, he holds back your sustenance in the form of a loan

If you are an inept and a transgressive child he is a gracious and a compassionate father.

If you have not been a fair brother to him, he will still adopt a brotherly attitude with you

If you have deserted him at a time when he was overtaken by calamities then you will find him helping you out during your difficult times

He in no way is dependent on you. On the contrary you are entirely reliant on him.

May Allah grant us taufiq to be among the lovers and followers of Imam (as).