Time of Dua
1. Fridays and Friday nights
2. During night prayers (In the last hours of every night)
3. When the wind is blowing
4. At noon
5. When it’s raining
6. When the first drop of a believer’s blood drips
7. At dawn until sunrise

Place of Dua
1. Arafat land
2. The two Sanctuaries (in Mecca)
3. Masajids (the house of Allah on earth)
4. The Holy Shrine of Imam Husain (as)
5. Under the dome of Imam Husain (as)

Duas which are answered
1. A Dua containing the Chief Names of God
2. Saying “Allah” ten times
3. Saying “Ya Rab” ten times
4. Saying “O God! By Mohammad and Ali who are honorable to You, fulfill my desire”

Relation of Good Deeds with Dua
1. Holy Prophet (saww) – “Whoever performs an obligatory prayer and recites a Dua, it will be fulfilled.”
2. Imam Baqir (as) – “When you give something to needy persons, ask them to recite Dua, for their Dua for you will be fulfilled but not for themselves.”
3. Imam Sadiq (as) – “Increase your sustenance through alms-giving.”
4. Imam Sadiq (as) – “Whenever you become destitute, do business with God through alms-giving.”



1. Purification
2. Application of perfume
3. Being in the direction of Qiblah
4. Giving alms
5. Fear of God and to have good opinion of Him
6.Praying while eating unlawful things is as building a house on sands or on water.
7. Make pause while reciting Dua
8. Don’t get bored by reciting Dua
9. Do not haste
10. Choose repentance and renounce sin
11. Name your desires
12.Call on your Lord humbly and secretly.” (Surah Araf, 55)
13.Nothing is more swiftly answered than a Dua recited for others.
14. Assemble for invoking God
15. Saying Ameen after dua
16.Whenever one of you has a desire, he should first praise God, then send greetings to the Holy Prophet(SAW) and his progeny and finally invoke God for his desire.
17.Whenever you wish to recite Dua, first praise God.
18.Praise God first, then confess your wrongdoings, then express your desire. By God! No one’s sin is forgiven except through confession.
19.Even if you are not weeping, pose as someone who is weeping.
20.God loves one who calls on Him persistently.

(Source – Odattol Daee, chapter 2 & 4)