You might have come across such people who envision the personality of Imam Zamana (atfs) to be of a person who is wielding a sword and making river of blood flow; who is beheading people in large numbers. More regretful is the fact that people having such opinions also transfer their views to others and they are distorting the kind and equitable personality of the Imam (as) in the minds of people. By doing this they are making a large number of people terrified of his reappearance. People having such an opinion for the Imam (as) avoid praying for early reappearance thinking His (as) advent will be unfortunate for them.

It is great injustice on a person like Imam Al-Mahdi (atfs), whose being is mercy, kindness and affection personified. So much so that some religious people also in jest or due to lack of complete information mention negative things about Imam (a.s.); for example they talk of the Imam (as) slaying other people.

This narration should make you see it in a different light- In a radio program on the topic of Imam Zamana (a.s.) they conducted a survey of the students of a college of Tehran in which they were asked about their views regarding the reappearance of Imam (as). It was learnt that seventy percent of students would not like Imam Mahdi (as) to reappear. When asked, why they would not like the Imam (as) to reappear, they replied,
If Imam (as) arrives, he would destroy all of us.

This is the juncture where one feels like weeping tears of blood and tearing up one’s garment at the victimization of Imam Zamana (a.s.); can you imagine any victimization greater than this?

On the other hand, if you see, it is the duty of a Shia to be respectful while mentioning the name of the Imam (as) and to love him wholeheartedly, like we love our dear ones. It is our duty to make Imam (as) popular among the people by relating his praiseworthy qualities.

In ahadith, if you read, Imam (as) has been referred to as a kind and compassionate father. How can a father who is kind in behaviour treat his children in a cruel manner? Do you think your father, who loves you the most, if due to some reason stays at a distant place and when comes back to meet you will make life difficult for you? Rather, it will indeed be a blessing for us that we meet him and the problems that arise due to his absence will be resolved.

We all are submersed into problems and in spite of putting our best of efforts are unable to figure out a solution. Our only hope now left is in Allah (swt) and his promised Mahdi (atfs), whose advent will enliven the earth and bring peace to the world. Then why are we not eager to meet Him?

Have you ever seen a drowning man in flames? We should be that eager to see our Imam (as) and express our love for him.

Let’s pray to Allah (swt) to bless us with the love of our living Imam (as) and to grant us taufiq to follow him in the true essence. May Allah count us among his servants and followers. Allahumma Ajjil Le Waliekal Faraj!