With reference to Midnight Prayer, Maula Ali (a.s.) has composed the following couplet:

Translation: O my Lord, one, who loves You, remains awake the nights; he remembers You and supplicates. And one, who has forgotten You, is asleep.

(Reference: Diwan Imam Ali (a.s.), Pg. 269)

Everyone desires to meet ones beloved in private. In the same way, lovers on the path of God, inhabit their solitudes through remembrance of God, and in love of their deity, remaining awake at night, celebrate His remembrance and supplicate.

A companion of Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s.) asked: “Why is it that those, who pray the Midnight Prayer, their faces are more illuminated than others?” Imam (a.s.) replied:

“It is because they address Almighty Allah in private and He covers them with His effulgence.”

Remaining awake all night is nobility of the believer and Tahajjud Prayer is expiation for physical health and sins committed during the day; it is the cause of removal of loneliness of grave, freshness of face, fragrance of body and increase in income. Therefore, no one can say that my health is spoiled or freshness of faith is destroyed due to remaining awake at nights. That one is a liar, who says: I recite Tahajjud Prayer and I am left hungry, because Midnight Prayer is guarantee for sustenance.

Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) says:

In my view, two units of prayer in the darkness of night are better than the world and what all is present in it.
A person asked Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.): “I am deprived from reciting the Midnight Prayer.” Imam (a.s.) said:

Your sins have surrounded you and made you a prisoner, that’s why you don’t get Taufeeq to pray Midnight prayer.”

Due to his sins, a sinful person remains deprived of Midnight Prayer.

It is very difficult for man to arrange for Midnight Prayer and also remain deprived of it. It is almost impossible. Its preparation is made before going to sleep. One should go to sleep early in eagerness for meeting Allah and having a private conversation with Him. One should not eat to the fill and not sleep all night. One should keep the days and night free of vain things and sins. It is strange for one, who is more fond of sleeping, vain things and overeating than one is fond of Allah that he should complain not being able to rise up for Midnight Prayer. Those, whom Shaitan cannot persuade to follow the path of sin, he deviates them through positive acts. He makes them engrossed in pursuit of such knowledge, which hardly make one proximate to God, but it becomes means of forgetting remembrance of Allah and being deprived of Midnight Prayer.

Let us pray to Allah (swt) that he grants us taufiq to offer the midnight prayers and seek His pleasure and forgiveness. May Allah count us among the servants and followers of Imam-e-Zaman (atfs).