As narrated from the Nahjul Balagha:

“Ali! You know also that this is the last day of my life.
I am happy and also, I am sad…

Happy that my troubles will shortly be over and I shall meet my father,

And I am sorry to part with you…

Please, Ali! Make a note of what I say and do as I wish you to do.

After me, you may marry anybody you like, but you must marry my cousin Yamama. She loves my children and Hussain (as) is very much attached to her.

Let Fizza (sa) remain with you even after her marriage if she so desires, she was more than a mere servant to me. I loved her like my daughter.

Ali! Bury me in the night and do not let those who have been so cruel to me attend my burial.

Let my death not dishearten you, you have to serve Islam and humanity for a long time to come.

Let not my sufferings embitter your life, promise me, Ali…”

Imam Ali (as) said, “Yes Fatima (sa), I promise.”

Lady Fatima (sa) continued, “Ali, I know you love my children but be very careful of Hussain. He loves me dearly and will miss me sadly, be a mother to him. Till my recent illness, he used to sleep on my chest. He is already missing it.

Do not weep Ali! I know with a rough outward appearance, what a tender heart you possess.

You have already borne too much and will have to bear more…

Farewell Ali! Say goodbye to me.”

Sorrow had choked Imam Ali, his words were mixed with tears, he said, “Goodbye Fatima”

Hearing this she said, “May the merciful Lord help you to bear these sorrows and sufferings patiently, now let me be alone with God.”

Saying this she turned towards her prayer carpet and prostrated before God.

When after a little while Imam Ali entered the room, he found her still in prostration but the soul had departed to join her holy father in the realm of his grace, mercy, and might.

She died very young.

Imam Ali (as) says, “A flower nipped in the bud, it was from paradise and it went to paradise… but has left is the fragrance in my mind.”

Condolences to Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) on the Shahadat of her beloved daughter Fatima (s.a) and to the Muslim ummah who still don’t know where her grave exists.

May Allah invent new ways to punish the killers of Janabe Zahra (sa)

Allahumma Ajjil Le Waliekal Faraj!