This is a lecture by Grand Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani (ar) on the subject of ‘Awaiting for the Imam (as)’ on the occasion of 15th Shab’aan. He talks about how to build a connection with the Living Imam [atfs] in the time of Ghaybah.

In the book of Allah (swt), after Surah Al-Hamd, Allah says in the second chapter, i.e. Surah Baqarah; “In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. Alif. Laam. Meem. This book, there is no doubt in it, is a guidance for the pious. Those who believe in the unseen and keep up prayers and spend out of what we have provided for them; and who believe in that which has been revealed to you and that revealed to you and that before you (to other messengers) and they are certain about the hereafter.” A detailed exposition of this verse requires an entire book. Allah describes the greatness of the Holy Quran saying, “…there is no doubt in it…” By mentioning this fact, he allocates the guidance of the book to a specific level.

Allah has two books – One, the textual book, the honourable Quran and the other, the book of creation. The second book is a person who embodies the Quran and all the realities of the Quran, the apparent and the hidden aspects of the Quran. The ethics and morals of the Quran are embodied in his characteristics. All Quranic commandments are reflected in his deeds. He is the speaking book of Allah, the master of our era and time. Establishing a connection with these two books, firstly we require the eyes of reason and thought. Secondly, sinning should not cover the eyes of logic. Only such a person deserves the intricacies contained within the Quran and also the benefit from the grace of the Imam of the time. We, being a youth today, do not understand the value of these blessings in our life. We are in that stage of life where the seeds of knowledge and action should be blossoming in ourselves. We must understand the value of this grace. This will ensure the happiness of this world and the hereafter.

Having a connection with the Imam of our time is not done by seeing him. The doors, the walls and the stone that you see around you, are facing the sun from dawn to dusk. But what profit have they gained (from the sun)? Nothing! On the other hand, in the depths of the mountains and the earth, that turquoise stone which has never seen the sun, but has acquired all the necessary rays and has become a shining gem. If we also tread this path, you will utilise from the rays of the Imam of the time. But to utilise from His (as)’s rays, we must first know Him.

Shias and Sunnis have narrated this narration which is – Holy Prophet (saww):-  “Al-Mahdi (atfs) is the peacock of people of paradise.” To say it is easy, but to understand it is of the utmost difficulty. Paradise is the focal point of beauty. The paradise in which the face of Prophet Yusuf (as) shines like the moon of the fourteenth night (of the lunar calender); the appearance of Prophet Musa ibne Imran (as); the beauty of Prophet Isa ibne Maryam (as); the face of Prophet Ibrahim (as), the friend of the merciful Allah (swt). Despite all this, the peacock of paradise is the Imam of our time, Hazrat Mahdi (atfs). How is his inner self if his outer characteristics are such?

We spend our life speaking of Imam-e-Zaman (atfs), but do we really recognise him? This issue is so important that the Holy Prophet (saww) has said, “On him are the cloak and garments of light.” Those clothing of light which is lit from the rays of illuminating Holy One.

Imam-e-Zaman (atfs), whose date of birth is mid Shaban, is such a gem. Fortunate is he/she who finds the (correct) path and adopts piety, and becomes the subject of his grace! If you perform your prayers at the beginning of its appointed time, do good deeds, abstain from sins and seek the intersession of Imam-e-Asr (atfs) daily, only then the light of Imam (as) will shine on your soul. When the light will shine, its elixir will fundamentally change (the soul) and what will follow is enough for comprehending the matter at the hand.

Hazrat Husain ibne Ruh (ar) was the representative of the Imam of the time. That means the breath of the Imam of the time has reached him. Let’s narrate this narration so you can draw the conclusion yourself.

Shaikh Sadooq (ar), the chief of the narrators, narrates from Muhammad ibne Hasan Sayruf. This man is from Balkh. The Shias of Balkh would give assets of the Imam (as) to this man, so that he can take it to Baghdad and hand it over to the representative of the Imam (as). He said, “I have turned these assets into bullion and brought them with myself from Balkh.” Meaning that he has turned them into gold and silver bars. Imagine distance wise, where Balkh is located and where Baghdad is! Especially in those times. He said, “I came from Balkh to Sarakhs. I set up my tent on top of a small plane. Those Bullions that belonged to Imam (as), I lost one of them in the small plane. Then I reached Hamadan. I thought this property belongs to the Imam, entrusted to me and I have to make sure it gets to its owner so I made one bullion from my own property in exactly the same scale of the one that I lost in the debris in Sarakhs and included it between the other bullions. I reached Baghdad and went to Husain ibne Ruh. When I placed the bullions in front of him He examined all of them one by one. He took the one that I made in Hamadan and said this belongs to you. Since you lost ours in the plane, you made this one to replace it with yours. He then said, when you will go back from here you will go to the same debris on which you set up your tent. There, you will search and you will find the bullion. When you have found it, carry it with you to Sarakh and when you come back to Baghdad next year carry it with you. But you won’t find me then so hand it over to the next deputy of the Imam (as).”

This is Husain ibn Ruh (ar), who had a special deputyship from the Vicegerent of our era. When the rays of the Imam (as) shined on his heart, his soul comprehends everything from Baghdad to Balkh. This is how great his soul had become. If you perform your namaz on time, persevering on this right course, avoid committing sins, perform what religion requires from you, then His gracious hand will bestow his favours on you in a way, that you will know what is going on. But it is we who must tread the path and then see when we will reach the destination. One cannot reach one’s destination until they walk (towards that). Regretfully, our age had passed. We don’t know the value of the blessing (of life). Those who in the time of major occultation do as I just said will reach great ranks. Each of you have got has got this opportunity. Try not to let this opportunity slip away from your hands.

This narration has been narrated from the Hujjat of Allah, the master of those who prostrate, Zain ul-Abedin (as), which Shaikh Saduq (ar) narrated, “Those who in the time of (the major) occultation stay faithful of this creed and not lose their belief, every one of them will get the reward of a thousand martyrs from the martyrs of Badr and Uhud.” Your position is such a position!

Now, what is the way? This is the way: From today prefer prayer on other acts. This is the first advice. Keep your relationship with Allah. Don’t compare prayer to anything else. Every day after dawn prayers, read Dua Ahad mentioned at the end of the Mafatih. Don’t look at Namehram. Protect your stomach from what is forbidden. Perform the obligatory duties you have to Allah.

All of you, your names are written in a book at the beginning of which is the name of Habib ibne Mazahir, and the name of Hurr ibne Yazif Rayahi. This is the way to bliss. Imam (as) himself has stated about this verse: ‘This book (i.e. Quran), there is no doubt in it, is a guidance for the pious. Those who believe in the unseen…’ “The unseen mentioned in the verse is Hujjat ibn Al-Hasan, Imam Mahdi (atfs).

Our gatherings began with the name of Imam of our time, it should also end with his name. Try, every day, without exception to read a part of Holy Quran, at least 50 verses. If you want 10 blessings to be yours in this world and in the hereafter, begin from today, every day recite Surah Yasin. We are in a time of the year dedicated to the Imam of our time, so read this Surah and gift it to Imam Mahdi (atfs). Inshallah, with this you will secure your bliss both in this world and in the hereafter.

May Allah forgive our sins and count us among the true followers of Imam-e-Zaman (atfs).