Of the several prescribed Ziyarat of Imam al-Husain (as), one was recited by Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) and reached us through one of his four special deputies. For that reason, it is known as the Ziyarat that was issued from the sacred side (Ziyarat al-Nahiya al-Muqaddasa). One of the most important features of this Ziyarat is that in different phrases, Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) graphically describes the events of Ashura and the agony that Imam al-Husain (as) and his family faced on that horrific and ominous day.

The text of the Ziyarat al-Nahiya is found in some early Ziyarat collections such as al-Mazar al-Kabir, by Muhammad Ibn Ja’far al-Mash’hadi, pp. 496-513. It is also reported in al-Mazar, by al-Mufid as mentioned in Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 98, pp. 318-329.

Here we present an extract from Ziyarat Nahiya, wherein Imam Zaman (atfs) has mentioned the atrocities done on Imam Hussain (as) by His enemies. To read the entire ziyarah you can visit duas.org. We highly recommend you to recite the complete ziyarat at least once during the Ayyam-e-Aza.

Peace be upon Husain (a.s.), who sacrificed his remaining life for Allah despite his injuries.

Peace be upon the one who was smeared in blood.

Peace be upon the one whose tents were torn asunder.

Peace be upon the most helpless of the wayfarers.

Peace be upon the one who has suffered the maximum pain among all the martyrs.

Peace be upon the one for whom the angels of the sky wept.

Peace be upon the blood-smeared necks.

Peace be upon the lips that were parched due to thirst.

Peace be upon those (martyrs) who were cut into pieces.

Peace be upon the souls whose belongings were plundered soon after their killings.

Peace be upon the uncovered dead bodies.

Peace be upon the emaciated and the deformed corpses.

Peace be upon the deluge of the (martyrs’) blood.

Peace be upon the dismembered limbs.

Peace be upon the heads that were raised on the lances.

Peace be upon the one who was killed unjustly.

Peace be upon the bodies that were hung after being killed.

Peace be upon the corpses that were abandoned in the desert.

Peace be upon the travellers who were driven out from their homes.

Peace be upon those who were buried without shrouds.

Peace be upon the (pure) heads which were severed from the bodies.

Peace be upon those oppressed ones who had no helper.

Peace be upon the one whose dignity was lowered.

Peace be upon the one whose blood was shed unjustly.

Peace be upon the one who was bathed in the blood of his own wounds.

Peace be upon the one who was attacked with spears from all sides.

Peace be upon the one who was inflicted with every kind of atrocity.

Peace be upon the one whom the killers surrounded.

Peace be upon the one who was buried by the villagers.

Peace be upon the one whose jugular vein was severed with cruelty.

Peace be upon the one who warded off the enemies all alone.

Peace be upon the one whose hair was dyed red in blood.

Peace be upon the blood-smeared cheeks.

Peace be upon the dust-smeared body.

Peace be upon the teeth that were hit with an (oppressive) baton.

Peace be upon the glorified head which was raised (on the lance.)

Peace be upon the corpses that lay uncovered, and the tyrants of this nation shook them violently as they ran about like wolves and like the carnivores they inflicted injuries upon them.

Salutations of the one whose heart is wounded due to the tribulations (suffered by you).

And the one who weeps when you are remembered.

Salutation of the one who is extremely grievous, dejected and forlorn by the calamities (suffered by you).

Salaam of the one who if he had been present with you (at KarbaIa), he would have thrown himself upon the flood of the swords and sacrificed his last drop of blood for you.

You were bearing the tribulations of the battle with so much patience that the angels of the sky were astonished.

Then the enemies surrounded you from all the sides and began to give you one injury after another and made you fatigued.

No helper remained between you and your women and children.

You were still deflecting the crowd of attackers with persistence and patience away from your women and children.

Till the time they forced you down from the horse-back.

And you descended to the earth, wounded.

The horses were trampling you with their hooves.

The atrocious-army fell upon you with their swords.

The perspiration of death appeared on your forehead and your hands and feet folded and unfolded to the right and the left.

You were beholding your wounds and your children too, when in such a situation you might not have thought of your children and family due to the severe pain.

At that time your horse galloped towards your camp, weeping and neighing.

When your ladies saw your rider less horse and the saddle which had slipped downwards, they became rest-less and came out of the tents.

Their hair awry, they slapped their own faces and wailed and lamented.

They were calling their elders and ancestors in a dejected condition after having been so much respected.

They all headed towards the place of your slaughter. What a pity!

That at that time the accursed Shimr was astride your chest and was moving his sword upon your neck as he held your hair with his hand.

And was slaughtering you in this way will his sword.

You had become motionless and your breathing was about to stop.

Till the time you were beheaded and your head was raised up on the sword.

And your women were arrested like slaves and tied up with heavy iron chains and made to sit on the camels.

Their faces were seared in the heat of the sun during the day.

They were taken around in the desert and wilderness like homeless people.

Their hands were tied to their necks.

In this condition they were made to march in the markets.

Woe be unto those disobedient transgressors who murdered Islam by killing you.

Extract from Ziyarat Nahiya

May Allah hasten the advent of Imam Mahdi (as), the reviver of the religion of Allah, the avenger of the blood of the Chief of Martyrs, Hazrat Imam Hussain (as) from the oppressors, and the establisher of peace and justice over the globe.

Allahumma Ajjil Le Waliekal Faraj!